Pipe up for the Organ

£1,000 will sponsor one 16ft pipe
£500 will sponsor one 8ft pipe
£100 will sponsor one 2ft pipe
£50 will sponsor one 1ft pipe
£20 will sponsor one 6 inch pipe

The immanent challenge

Come to St James’s and you cannot help but be struck by the magnificent sight and sound of the Great Organ, the fourth-largest parish church instrument in London. But, 47 years since its last refurbishment, and despite its fine Victorian/Edwardian provenance, it is becoming increasingly unreliable and, unless urgent action is taken, will very soon will collapse.

Proposed work

To bring this Great Organ back from the brink and restore her to her former glory, all 3,500 pipes need to be removed for cleaning, along with the console (keyboards and pedals), and much of the organ’s internal workings. All of theelectrics dating from 1972 will be replaced, and the enormous bellows re-leathered.

How you can help

The Organ’s complete restoration will cost £340,000 plus VAT (VAT is recoverable from HM Treasury). While the Parochial Church Council is lending the lion’s share, our target is to raise £40,000 in the next 12 months from the congregation and friends of St James’s.

Pipe Sponsorship form
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