Parish School of St James’s

Over 150 years ago, in August 1862, a Parish School was opened to serve the needs of local children by educating them in the essentials and in a loving environment grounded in the Christian faith.

Today, St James’s and St John’s School School continues to do just that. It is a Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School of a little under 200 children. Fr Paul is among the Governors of the School.

At St James’s we see the School as a vitally important way of serving the children and families in our local community.

The main school building is located on Craven Terrace with the Early Years Unit (Nursery and Reception classes) in the crypt here at St James’s.

Because the school is a Church of England School it also takes children from a variety of faiths and backgrounds. Christian worship plays an important part in the daily life of the school and it believes in learning from one another and respecting each others’ traditions and cultures.

The Headteacher, Mark Hewitt, is supported by a skilled and dedicated staff who work in co-operation with the parents to help the children achieve their full potential. St James and St John has high expectations of and for its pupils and provides a friendly, joyful place in which they can learn. The school community is one of understanding, harmony and respect and where children are valued as individuals.

If you are interested in seeing the school with a view to applying for a place, please telephone 020 7641 6218.