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First half: Julian Trevelyan, piano. Second half: Ezgi Sarıkçıoğlu, violin with Julian Trevelyan. Ashkan Layegh, piano, will perform his own composition

First half:

Robert Schumann
Noveletten, op. 21
Heft III

  1. in D major
  2. in A major

Heft IV
VII. In E major
VIII. In F sharp minor

Second half:
Fazıl Say – Cleopatra for solo violin op. 34
Fazıl Say – Sonata for violin and piano no.1 (1997)
I Introduction: Melancholy. Andante misterioso
II Grotesque. Moderato scherzando
III Perpetuum mobile. Presto
IV Anonymous. Andante
V Epilogue: Melancholy. Andante misterioso

Tickets: £20 Adults, Students £5

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